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What is a Islami Wazifa? Life has many wanders aimlessly, with the adjustment in Social, Financial, Religious, Instructive or Political status, our necessities changes as needs be. Keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill these necessities, we need to change our needs and buckle down. A few times when we don’t get these necessities, we recount Wazifa. Presenting a verse of Quran or any prescribed Dua for a specific timeframe or a specific number is called Wazifa.

Islami Wazaif our aim is to provide you with the simplest method of  providing you latest Islamic Wazaif

To recite these Wazifa For Your Desire Wish But Be Patient and Read Pray 5 time a day then you will seen the result in front of your eyes very soon if you are not patient and not follow Islamic rules the its not possible and you will be failed to achieve your wishes. i will say also here that if you follow these rules and for the wish you recite Quranic verses and the wish not complete then understand that  God chose better from which you want and you will also get reward Inshallah.


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